Study Centre

Our Study Centre has among its objectives to support all of SAFE’s areas of activity, promoting research and development, collaborating in the implementation of training, research, communication, and dissemination of scientific projects while ensuring the highest quality of all initiatives.

Over the years, our Study Centre has produced more than 150 publications: monographic volumes on energy sources, scientific papers, sectorial research in iBook and ePub versions, thematic in-depth studies.


Back to the origins

An interesting and fascinating journey through history of renewables energies. Going back to the origins may represent an effective way to learn from the past and build a sustainable future in the long term. By Adriano Piglia and Valentina De Luca – SAFE Study and Research Center. Download the book

Dossier water: the silent crisis

The water crisis is global and its problems are considered  as serious threats to the future of the planet such as global warming. By Adriano Piglia and Giulia Mazzanti  – SAFE Study and Research Center Buy online 

Liquefied and unconventional: how natural gas market is changing

Overview of the gas sector through variables that influence supply and demand in order to understand what possible changes will affect the market particularly in Europe. By Laura Cardinali and Giulia Mazzanti – SAFE Study and Research Center Download the dossier

Neptune’s treasures

Potential and obstacles to the development of marine energy. It’s estimated that if we could use all waves, marine currents and tides, we will be able to meet 2035 electricity global demand. Progress that research could make are so remarkable as to stimulate, if not optimism, certainly curiosity and enthusiasm….

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency as a contribution to environmental and economic sustainability. The aim of the research is to shed light between policy objectives, economic priorities, potential and myths, costs, barriers and opportunities to verify concretely what is being done to develop what promises to be one of the most interesting routes…

150 years of energy in Italy

A little journey into the world of energy in Italy to organically rebuild events that have helped to create the current shareholder structure of the national energy system, discovering facts and characters of major importance that too often escape to the study of national history. By Adriano Piglia and Laura…

A nuclear benchmark for Italy

The objective of this study is to provide an overview of the international context and the Regulatory framework of four countries considered to be representative in terms of electricity generation from nuclear power: France, Germany, Spain and USA. By Accenture and SAFE Study and Research Center Download the dossier


An interesting research on one of the most controversial power generation modality. To better understand the dynamics of nuclear power, the author takes us through the key stages of the development of this source and the multiple atom applications, use areas, risks and opportunities of its exploitation. By Adriano Piglia…

Non conventional fossil fuels

The world will not run out of energy considering new and abundant sources of fossil fuels, well diversified both by type and geographical localization, in addition to conventional sources, renewable energy and nuclear. The so-called “Challenge of the Century” can be won: we just need to use common sense, good…

New frontiers of gas

A monography dedicated to natural gas, energy resource with growing strategic and economic role in the global energy scenario. By Adriano Piglia – SAFE Study and Research Center Director Buy on line

Renewables energy: just a dream?

What contribution can renewables sources give to meet the energy needs today and in the coming years? Overview on renewables energy main protagonists, latest technological innovations and challenges of the markets. By Adriano Piglia – SAFE Study and Research Center Director Buy on line

The fuel distribution network

A little volume on the failure to restructure the fuel network in Italy that has its roots in the recent past of our country and reflects somehow its vices and virtues. By Adriano Piglia – SAFE Study and Research Center Director

Coal: life, deaht or miracles?

The author takes us through the most significant stages of the evolution of coal, from its formation in geological periods, the discovery and extraction and then to its use by humans, from the greek-Roman times to the present day where it’s still the most used fuel in power generation in…

Oil, yesterday, today. And tomorrow?

The book was born with the aim of easily informing even those not familiar with energy issues, in the conviction that issues of such importance should be widely discussed and their possible solutions should be shared by most citizens. By Adriano Piglia – SAFE Study and Research Center Director Buy on…

Concorrenza 2.0 (18). Il futuro del mercato dell’energia elettrica in Italia

Concorrenza 2.0 (18). Il futuro del mercato dell’energia elettrica in Italia Le utility italiane ed europee attraversano una fase di forte cambiamento dovuto all’evoluzione del contesto competitivo attuale, nel quale per intraprendere un percorso di successo, diventa fondamentale comprendere e soddisfare i bisogni e le aspettative di una clientela sempre…