Master & Education

Offers complete training, from junior to executive profiles, in line with the specifically outlined needs of companies and institutions.

SAFE carries out post-graduate training programs, experiential training projects for professionals, managers and executives as well as tailor-made training & coaching courses on energy and environment topics and soft skills.

Master in Energy Resources Management

Our multidisciplinary, operational-based program has been successfully organised for more than 20 years with the annual participation of over 150 high-profile lecturers in addition to 100 companies and institutions.

We offer opportunities for our partner companies to attend individual training modules.

4 Executives

“Re-Thinking Leadership”: experiential training project for professionals, young executives, and managers.

The pathway strengthens the fundamental leadership skills that leaders need to succeed in today’s business world.

“Tailor Made” Projects and Courses

Training & Coaching Projects.


Specific courses designed and delivered on energy-environment issues and soft skills.

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