SAFE is an independent organisation with recognized credibility and professional experience in the energy and environment sector. We have been operating for over 20 years, constantly enhancing the interactive network with over 200 companies and institutions.


We are passionate and collaborative people who firmly believe in knowledge development, learning and capability building.

Raffaele Chiulli

Founder & President

Stefania Geri


Laura Cardinali

Events & Networking

Tommaso Misiti

Consulting & Services

Mirko Brinoni

Master & Education

Andrea Moretti

Consulting & Services

Lorenzo Viola

Communication & Marketing

Senior Advisors

We can count on qualified professionals who support us in achieving long lasting and positive impact on our activities.


Commitment, perseverance, result orientation and teamwork are fundamentals to achieve success, in sport as in professional life: we share these ideals with sport champions, our “SAFE Ambassadors”.

Over 20 years of SAFE


Over 20 years in 20 milestones: some significant moments.


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