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    New models and leadership strategies in disruptive contexts

    Competitive markets, complex organizational challenges, new decision-making and strategic models, socio-cultural evolution of the consumers increasingly focused on sustainability, cross-functional and intercultural working groups, digital transformation and collaboration: the rules of the game are changing!

    These forces are driving the growing need for collaborative leadership in today’s organisations and require companies to align strategy, coordinate operations, manage teams and leverage synergies across increasingly complex and distributed organisational structures. Flatter hierarchies, matrix structures and cross-functional teams are increasingly common, meaning leaders must often work with people over whom they don’t have formal authority in a global scenario.

    Leaders today need an expanded repertoire of skills and a new mind-set to succeed in an even-more fast- paced, chaotic and highly competitive and digital business environment. They most be able to think strategically in a global context, articulate an inspiring vision across cultures and make wise choices among complexity and uncertainty.

    SAFE has designed a training program to address leaders to manage organizations and teams in dynamic and turbulent contexts by promoting the development of new strategic skills.

    Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself.
    When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.

    Jack Welch


    As the business landscape becomes increasingly dynamic, organizations are tasked with building their capacity for agility, adaptability and speed in order to maintain competitive advantage: business leaders globally are responding by transitioning from a hierarchical organizational structure to more flexible models that foster collaboration, information sharing and empowerment.

    This program is designed for project managers, first-line and mid-level managers positioned to take on increasing leadership roles in their organizations. This program benefits emerging leaders who are poised and motivated to take on significant managerial responsibility in their organizations, those with more than 5 years of experience managing people will find this program most beneficial.

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    Re-Thinking Leadership was designed to exploit the power of digital technology linked to real-time learning, to offers to attendees a transformative and experiential distance learning experience, interacting live with teachers and colleagues.


    The Re-Thinking Leadership path is divided into five interconnected dimensions plus an Energy & Leadership focus. The training system was designed to help participants understand their leadership style, train new skills and develop proactive behaviours.



    • Leadership styles and dynamics
    • Blind spot leadership and limiting behavior
    • Inclusive and Collaborative Leadership

    People Management

    • Provide constructive feedback
    • Align goals and keep focus
    • Involve and motivate your collaborators


    • Negotiation styles and techniques
    • Contrast and conflict management
    • Influence and power

    Generative Communication

    • Negotiation styles and techniques
    • Contrast and conflict management
    • Influence and power

    Self Empowerment & Performance

    • Psycho-physical recovery and stress management techniques
    • Performance Zone, Comfort Zone and Fear Zone: training for excellence
    • Recognize and transform the Limiting Habits

    Energy & Leadership

    Deepen the various leadership styles through the comparion with leading key note speakers and share also how to tackle the most current challenges in the energy and environmental sector.

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