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The postgraduate program in Energy Resource Management is a 7 months program, accounting for more than 650 hours of learning through different modes of delivery, including lectures, seminars, tutorials, workshops, project works, visits to operating sites, meetings with top management, HR directors and head hunters.

SAFE postgraduate program is structured in complementary modules, starting with organizational & behavioral skills – e.g. communications, team working, team building and leaderships – a strong focus on general management – e.g. business and financial management, strategic planning and project management – and energy & environmental strategic and regulatory framework – e.g. geopolitics and energy scenarios, climate change and international negotiations.

To follow, two thematic areas to deepen the strategic aspects, business and technical knowledge related to Oil & Gas, Electrical Energy, Renewable Energy; furthermore the postgraduate examines the managerial, technical and regulatory aspects related to “environmental services” with a focus on Waste Management, Water Management and Smart Grids & Cities

  • Oil & Gas: exploration & production, transportation, storage, refining, trading and distribution
  • Electrical Energy: liberalization processes and regulatory, technical and normative instruments of new market assets
  • Renewable Energy: technical and managerial subjects related to production from renewable energy (hydroelectric, geothermic, solar, wind, biomasses) and perspectives on sustainable development
  • Waste Management: inception, collection, transport, treatment, recycling and final disposal of waste
  • Water Management: water cycle management related to planning, strategy development and all operational decisions to optimize the water cycle, from collection to treatment
  • Smart Grids & Cities: role of smart grids in the cities with a specific focus on urban development, distributed generation and technological innovation


The postgraduate program involves the participants into pre-defined assignments to challenge the business complexity by addressing the multi-faceted nature of specific topics identified by our partner firms. The participants have the opportunity to be closely involved with our partner firms to manage the whole project, from economic to financial and technical perspectives, and share the output by presenting at Management Boards.

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